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(Premium USU Support sold separately)

Domain name availability search

Domain Name Registration
  Registration $9.99 for 1 year registration

Web Site Hosting w/ Email  $4 /m
  "www.any" w/ 500 POP Email
  5 gb storage / 250 gb transfer /m
  10 MySQL Databases

  Forums, Blogging, Photo Galleries
  Hosting $4 /month ($48/ yr)

USU .Net and USU .Com PRODUCTS  Tel 561-368-3000
All Products include Premium Support

No package per incident
  Misc internet support

Remote POP  $70 /yr (unlimited incident)
  Includes  or POP email account
  $70 /year

Premium Hosting Support (10 incident) $186 /yr
"Premium Web Hosting Support"
  $186 /year

Premium Hosting Support (25 incident) $285 /yr
"Premium Web Hosting Support"
  $285 /year

Premium Data Storage Services (4 incident)
  "Premium Data Storage Support"

  $300 /month
  (On site charges still apply)

Premium Bandwidth Support (5 incident)
  "Premium Bandwidth Support"

  $450 /month
  (On site charges still apply)

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